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ROGERS Family Data Manager

One of the highest appreciated updates to the Rogers MyAccount app, the inclusion of the Share Everything plan meant that users could now not only share data amongst their family, but also pool that data so it’s efficiently utilized.

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Client: Rogers


Team: Director of Digital, Director of Brand, Director of Technology, Account Coordinator, UX Manager, Product Owner (Mobile), Product Owner (Web), Scrum Master, Tech Lead, QA Lead, UX/UI Leads, Developers, QAs, Designers, Copywriters


My Role: UX/UI Lead (Vendor side)


Target Persona: Aimed at attracting a family demographic, Rogers is targeting mainly families who have kids on their ShareEverything Plan. Rogers decided to call this enhanced feature for their existing Sharing Plans the Family Data Manager (FDM).


Executive Summary:

Problem- Rogers was trying to be innovative with the capabilities of their Rogers Mobile Apps and Web flow by leveraging functionality that would be available through Angular Material for the Web App and customized libraries used in both the iOS and Android platform to create this feature. This was a bold move due to the complexity of all the various business rules that would need to be incorporated while making the information and use of the application easy. With the size of the team (100+ in and out), there were many discrepancies with the translation of the product through out all screens and platforms.

Action- Following the Detail Design Document (DDD), our team rendered the mocks a for developers to follow.  Unfortunately, the developed product was far from the designs and seemed more like a wireframe. I was brought back to rectify this.

My Contributions- Working the the Dev team, I provided exact specifications for developers to follow to create pixel perfect design and began to in still a practice of visual QA to avoid misalignment.

Results- The Share Everything Plan update to the Rogers MyAccount application became the baseline for the redesign of Rogers.

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