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Fido was in a need to update their mobile application and bring everything under a native framework.  For this project I led and cultivated the visual experience as the Lead Designer.  Conceptualized the new Fido mobile Style guide during the DDD stage and provided pixel perfect measurements to assist with development and future iterations of the app. Created over 150 screens for iOS and Android; coordinated with Product Owner and consulted with Devs and QA from start to finish of the project in an agile setting.


Awarded: Edge 50 Design Award.

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Client: Fido


Team: Director of Digital, Director of Brand, Account Coordinator, UX Manager, Product Owner (iOS), Product Owner (Android), Scrum Master, Tech Lead, QA Lead, UX/UI Lead, Developers, QAs, Designers, Copywriters


My Role: UX/UI Lead


Target Persona: Aimed at attracting a younger demographic, Fido is going after the “in-the-know” millennial market that is “no bull,” “quick-witted” and “hangout-able.” To that end, Fido will be using the naming scheme YOLO — yes, as in “you only live once,” — to appeal to that particular demographic.


Executive Summary:

Problem- Fido was under a complete re-branding and wanted to create native apps for Android and iOS to begin the process of a seamless customer journey from stores to reps to apps.  This project required working with various different department heads to get buy-in. We were required to follow strict guidelines relating to the Rogers and Fido methodology of getting approvals and keeping up to standards. For this project we had a budget of 1.2 million and a team of over 40 working together follow scrum (agile) methodology and a time like of 12 months. We also were responsible for the launch marketing play, that was to have a gamified twist to a promotion that would be provided once the app is released.  

Action- Working together with the PO, Scrum Master and the stakeholders, I was responsible of clarifying requirements and going through the Product Requirement Document (PRD) and provided artifacts to asset in the creation of  the Detail Design Document (DDD) and Software Design Specification (SDS).  Through the team of the project, the team would follow 2 week sprints and hold team rituals along with having design rituals as well, such as stand-ups, planning, retros, etc…

My Contributions- During the project time, I was responsible for having 3 reports over a span of 12 months. I acted as a facilitator with the engineering team and the product team. I set a practice to follow Visual QA practices for the developed product to avoid inconsistencies with the high fidelity mocks.  Along with the POs, I would keep up a working copy deck for the entire team to follow. Through the project I worked on a working style guide that was finalized and provided to the client as a part of the knowledge transfer/ hand-off.

Results- We were able to successfully launch the MVP along with the gamified add on that was rated 4.5 stars in the App Store and is still standing with that rating. Also, the app won an award in the Design Edge 50 Awards 2018.

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