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CIBC Money Transfer

CIBC is expanding to improve on their money transfer web site with a clean minimalistic layout and a convenient dashboard.

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Client: CIBC


Team: Director of Technology, Account Coordinator, Product Owner ), Scrum Master, Tech Lead, UX/UI Lead, Developers, Designers


My Role: UX/UI Lead


Target Persona: Businesses and individuals that send money internationally on a regular basis.


Executive Summary:

Problem- Creating a platform for global money transfer, that would be branded modern and with new features. The project would be delivered with the MVP (only for businesses) and a second iteration (individuals). This portal would easily process the transfer without the high interest/exchange rates. The dashboard should be intuitive and mobile responsive (React), following AA Accessibility Standards laid out by AODA and W3C.

Action- Carrying out a Design Discovery within three sprints (1 week sprints) to provide client with a solution that aligns with the needs and requirements and provided features that their customers are looking for.

My Contributions- Working with the different phases of Design Thinking I was able to provide a working prototype that the client was able to validate their assumptions.

Results- The team was signed on for a 2 year project for delivery of the platform.

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